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Initial Assessment

Introductory gallery and auction preview visits with clients who are new collectors establish the areas of focus both in terms of mediums and period. If the client is a seasoned collector, the collection is reviewed for its quality and scope and additional artists and specific periods of work are recommended that would enrich the existing collection.

LRFA maintains strong working relationships with galleries and auctions houses on a national and international scale. Every sector of an art market that includes galleries, auctions, art fairs and private dealers is sourced to locate and access the best available works. The goal is to establish a collection that is often diverse in medium (sculpture, painting, works on paper, photography, video) but consistent in value and quality.

Auction Consignments and Negotiations

Deaccessioning works of art through private sales and at auction is explored and evaluated. LRFA offers astute guidance in the selection of the best sales venue and negotiation of the terms of sale. Marketing proposals and catalogue placement by the auction houses are reviewed and evaluated.

Charitable Deductions and Private Foundations 

LRFA offers individuals and family collections guidance in the creation of an art foundation and in the process of charitable giving  to museums of individual works of art or entire collections.

Market Analysis

LRFA offers seasoned expertise in analyzing and evaluating the art market. Sale prices of comparable works in terms of size, quality, condition and period from both auction and private sectors are reviewed in order to assist in determining appropriate prices for works under consideration.

Exhibition and Museum Loans

A venue requesting the loan of a work from a collection is evaluated to determine the quality of the proposed exhibition, its curatorial significance and whether it will enhance the provenance of the work. The security arrrangements and the venue's ability to protect the condition of the work and exhibition facilities are also considered.

Primary and Secondary Market Sales

Consulting fees are based on the agreed upon net price of the work. Negotiations are an integral part of the process of acquiring an exemplary work at fair value.